Your natural beauty waits to be highlighted.
Your inner radiance wants to illuminate your face.

The time has come to showcase your most beautiful self to the world!

kiss my cheeks

The time has come to showcase your most beautiful self to the world!

Collection created in collaboration between Paese and professional make-up artist Dominika Krzyszkowska.

Everything you need to discover the magic of cream contouring and become a pro.

The most beautiful launch of the year

Achieve the perfect face contour easily with the ideal creamy consistency.

Carefully selected color palette will make your look natural, fresh, and radiant.

Superpowers of active ingredients support your skincare efforts.


Dominika Krzyszkowska is a beauty industry expert, a professional makeup artist with years of experience, specializing in bridal makeup. She believes in and practices the cream contouring technique, which she loves for its ability to create a luminous, flawless skin effect, in line with skincare makeup.

I would describe my makeup style as a blend of inspiration from red carpets, prominent world events, and iconic Victoria's Secret shows. My makeup looks are light, elegant, and sensual, perfect for women who want to make an impression without feeling overly made up.

productsless is better

This universal truth applies to both perfect makeup and the means to achieve it. That's why in the Paese x Krzyszkowska collection, you will find exactly what you need to effortlessly contour your face – three products that will change your perspective on makeup!

tan kissed

creamy bronzer
The lightweight cream bronzer spreads and blends well with foundation, ensuring a seamless look. Upon application, it provides a pleasant moisturizing sensation. Ideal for building depth of color.

Both shades, a darker one in a warm tone and a lighter one with a subtle coolness, work perfectly with the current makeup trends, providing a sun-kissed effect without the theatrical contouring of the past decade. You'll love it whether you have fair or darker skin tones!

blush kissed

creamy blush
A versatile cream blush with a lightweight formula that doesn't weigh down the skin and provides a pleasant moisturizing feeling. It seamlessly blends with the skin, giving a long-lasting natural flush that doesn't fade throughout the day.

I never leave home without them! Blushes can be used without a full makeup look, during contouring, or as a final touch at the end of the process. Among the three color variations - classic blush, fresh coral shade, and pink-fuchsia with a hint of blue - you will surely find the perfect combination for yourself!

glow kissed

creamy highlighter
Just one layer of this lightweight cream highlighter will make your skin look radiant. Its pearl particles reflect light, giving your face a luminous glow. The highlighter spreads easily, blends well with foundation, and provides a refreshing moisturizing effect when applied.

Use it to showcase how well-groomed your skin is! Achieve the best effect by applying a very thin layer of highlighter. I love using it as the first product, right after foundation, and before the contouring.


Healthy complexion is the foundation of a beautifully sculpted face.

Just like all Paese products, the cosmetics from the Paese x Krzyszkowska line were created based on meticulously crafted formulas and high-quality ingredients. Among them are ingredients that bring you skin-care SUPERPOWERS!

Carnauba wax

lubricates the skin, preventing water from escaping from the epidermis.

Porcelain flower extract

brightens the complexion, and thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties it soothes and tranquilizes irritations.

Castor oil

improves the condition of the skin, softening and moisturizing it, while reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lotus flower extract

relaxes both the spirit and the body, tones the skin, and brings a refreshing sensation. With its antioxidant properties, it soothes irritations and acne lesions. It nourishes, deeply moisturizes the skin, improves its tone, and reduces wrinkles.